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A decentralized digital ID system as described by Tracey sounds benign enough, as long as it stays that way. However, I can't help but feel that following serious national or global threats, for instance, the powers that be will be inclined to make it progressively more intrusive. As ever, fear will be used to generate acceptance - we will be told it is for our own safety. So what starts at the thin end of the wedge, moves progressively to the thicker end.

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Very interesting podcast.

Personally I am actually very worried, especially after the 2 Covid years we have had. I never thought that the bullying of the establishment was going to control how I lived my life to the extend it did. How I was not allowed to do my own risk assessment.

And that is where my worry comes from.

I like to think I am a forward thinking person and I have always liked innovation. However I don't like to loose control over my life (if possible).

From discussions before it was clear that for digital ID to work for me I need privacy, an alternative route if I don't want to use my digital ID and an absolute guarantee that I won't be stopped from doing anything unless it is illegal (as the law currently stands. I can see that laws could be altered to curtail my freedoms, so there must be some lines that cannot be crossed).

I am really not sure why we have not more discussion and much better change management. A whole raft of the population will be left behind for several reasons and that surely cannot be a good thing? Also people need to be able to adapt and buy into any change and any good company would make sure it consults with its employees and make changes to any proposal if appropriate.

Also the current digital systems clearly are not working that well- I often get stuck because the system either doesn't want to accept my hyphenated name or I have a question which falls outside the norm. And then the digital system falls apart and causes frustration (not to add the frustration of actually trying to talk to a real person.... after having listened to endless messages that the answers can be found online....

But maybe I am too much old school and the new generation will be accepting of all of this and like it and be happy......

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Another book I’ve been compelled to buy ... the human/brain interface sounds truly terrifying. I’m afraid mine will be firewall’d off and heavily censored! Just imagine the toxic spam that would be coming out of Boris Johnson and Biden’s psychopathic brains. Not to mention literal thought police. Great slightly unnerving conversation, Laura!

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By 2026, less than four years in the US, UK and the world. A whole lot of big money being spent to develop and deploy the infrastructure by a whole lot of deep-pocketed powerful interests. That don't plan on throwing that kind of money away.

Worldwide Social Credit Industry - Infrastructure to Support Social Credit Systems Represents a $16.1 Billion Opportunity by 2026:


BusinessWire is a Berkshire Hathaway publication, Warren Buffet's press:


SocialCredit Market by Physical and Cyber Infrastructure (Sensors, Cameras,Biometrics, Computer Vision), Software (Machine Learning, Data Analytics,APIs), Use Cases, Applications, Industry Verticals, and Regions 2021 – 2026:





Analog Devices





Bosch Security Systems

Broadcom Limited (Avago)


China Rapid Finance


Deep Vision AI





Infineon Technologies






NEXT Biometrics

NVidia Corporation

NXM Semiconductors

Omron Corporation



Robert Bosch GmbH





Texas Instruments


"Select Report Findings:

- The COVID-19 pandemic has facilitated substantial interest in citizen monitoring solutions

- Infrastructure to support social credit systems represents a $16.1B global opportunity by 2026"

It continues to describe a dystopian nightmarish future.

Unless We, the People, refuse in large enough numbers to reject it. But with the kind of money those entities are spending it's going to have to be a whole lot more than those of us who refused to wear masks and refused to get jabbed. I mean, a whole lot more.

I'm old enough to remember when a bunch of us who were saying the pandemic restrictions were never about a virus or public safety were called conspiracy theorists.

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