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"People don’t understand the trauma of phalloplasty"

"People don’t understand the trauma of phalloplasty"

In conversation with trans man Scott Newgent


I interviewed Scott Newgent, the true ‘star’ of controversial new film What is a woman?

Scott is a female who has medically transitioned to be a trans man. We talked about:

  • The terrible experiences Scott had after undergoing phalloplasty, including severe side effects and depression

  • Scott’s passion for preventing children and young people going through the same experiences

  • ‘Starring’ in What is a Woman? and the reaction to the film

  • Why we need to celebrate and champion outliers and protect them from being channelled into the wrong pathway

  • Scott’s advice for gender dysphoric youth and their parents, including his positive view that the people who feel like they don’t belong as children can move mountains when they are adults.

I hope you enjoy listening to this conversation, and that it adds more texture to Scott’s moving and authentic interview in What is a Woman?

Visit Scott’s website

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